martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

Yesterday I ran....ok Jogged.

How had I never seen the Title spot on the top?....

 I was so proud of myself yesterday when I was in the middle of walking my last mile and then the friend I was supposed to pick up called me and told me she was already out. I had to finish my mile because I was trapped inside of the university campus.

I had been jogging and stopped probably like a month ago. I had this friend/autoprocclaimed trainer that moved out of town and I called him to tell him the good news. That I had jogged for the first time after he left and I could still go farther than I thought I could.

I though he would be so proud lol silly me. He was like whaaat?! You had stopped jogging?!! After all the work we put in you stopped?!! I thought we would be jogging at the same pace when I got there blah blah blah (this was all in a friendly/funny/I am kinda upset but still your friend kind of way) and I said but...but I thought you would be proud that after not jogging I could jog...and he said why would I be proud if all this time I thought you were jogging and you had stopped. We had some laughs and I promised I would keep on jogging and we would start running at the same pace next time he's here ;)

Anyways, yesterday's jog really motivated me to keep going. I really thought I had lost all the progress I had made and turns out I didn't. :D

I did not take a picture of myself jogging or a picture of my jogging shoes but here is a picture of how I probably looked jogging.

What? That is totally how I looked. No I did not do that on paint. 

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