lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013

On series and not so many books lately...or any other healthy things.

This summer I have really gotten into reading, but right now I am reading a book I have not really enjoyed that much. It's called Delirium.

The story is good but...I haven't really enjoyed the book too much. This is just my opinion but it has too many details that aren't really relevant to the story. I haven't started any other book because I do want to finish this trilogy first.

Anyways, everybody has been talking so much about orange is the new black and I wanted to watch it. I started it on saturday and finished the first season on sunday. I totally recommend it! I loved it!

I was so sad to hear the new season is coming out until 2014. I don't think I can wait that long, I'll have to read the book lol but I want to finish these ones first.

On sunday I started watching breaking bad. I know I got to the party really late and it ends this week but oh well, better late than ever right? I watched two episodes yesterday.

On other healthy things. I have a health coach. He must not be very happy with me lately because I've been slacking on everything lately. I haven't been walking. I haven't been eating healthy, although I have improved from two weeks ago. I haven't been doing his assignments. 

I was going through something and that was all that was in my mind. I feel better now and I feel like I can start getting back on track. It's really hard for me to start exercising, and since I stopped, it's like starting all over again.

There's this girl at work that goes for walks everyday and I asked her if I could start going with her. She agreed and she is one of those very constant people, which I am not at the moment, so I am very happy to have found a new walking partner. :)

I am happy to be feeling a lot more stable lately and I hope it gets better day by day. This recovering from a break up is hard stuff. But I am absolutely positive it is all for the best. :) 

Any book recommendations? My favorite books are the young adult genre. They just really get you into the story and they're so easy to read. Since I haven't really read that much in the past years, it's a good way to start. 

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