jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Today is the day...

So I decided today is the day I finish my I'm just not that into you book (Delirium). It has not captured me at all, although the story is creative, I have not enjoyed it that much but I do want to know what happens. 

Obviously it has to have a happy ending, because I do love happy endings, even though I think they're cliche I am never happy when a book doesn't end like it's supposed to haha

Recently I watched the movie "Instructions not included". I loved it. Even though it had a not so good ending. There are a lot of people that expected it. I did not expect that ending at all. Maybe I am just gullible. It was made by Eugenio Derbez, a mexican actor/producer/director/writer who is very famous here. :)

This day is so long. I did not go for a walk/jog yesterday and I totally regret it. I was so sleepy and tired and I wanted to take a nap but I couldn't. I've felt a lot happier every time I go lately and today I don't feel unhappy but I feel totally blah today. Oh well, now I know.

I have a birthday party today but I will be sure not to miss my walk because I am sure I will regret it tomorrow.

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