lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2013

On Reading.

Lately I feel like a totally different person. I don't remember ever liking reading. I remember reading books as a kid, the Goosebumps books and Animorphs. I remember being really excited to go to the library and to order books from those sheets that came to school.

Anyways, lately I only kind of liked self-help books. I read a lot everyday on the internet, but I hadn't really taken the time to read...and then there was grey, 50 shades of it. I got so into the books I finished the three of them in a week.

I've been reading just as fast since haha, once I start, I can't stop until I finish it...I don't like not knowing what's going to happen. I can't stand it! I am too curious haha

Anyways after grey there was the hunger games, after the hunger games there was Divergent. I am on the second book of the Divergent series now called Insurgent. I can't wait for the movie in March of 2014 and the release of the third book in November of this year. 

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  1. I LOVE getting hooked on a particular series like those! (Well, I didn't get into 50 Shades, but the others I did).

    1. Oh my God! I had no idea anyone ever read my blog lol I feel so special Thank you Katie <3 :)