martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

A Fable I loved...


A disciple walked with his master, when a storm hit them and it was getting dark .
They found a farm where there lived a very poor family, which welcomed them to spend the night .
This family only had a cow. It was their only supply. It was their only livelihood.
They dined with the little food that the family had. And they offered them their best beds.
The next morning, when everybody woke up, they found the cow was dead. What a horrible disgrace! That family had nothing more to survive! Without the cow they would all starve....
The pupil asked the teacher to help them. He’d seen him do many things for others less kind, and these people deserved it more than anyone.

But the master did nothing.

As they walked to their destination, the disciple could not understand his teacher . And again and again he repeated the same. "I do not understand why you have not helped them.... "
The master and tired of listening to his disciple replied: "You know how the cow died? I killed her"
And the disciple could not utter a word ... How could his master have done something so cruel? He could not understand ... And he was very angry, and he was very sad ...

Time passed, and the master returned with his disciple to the farm. They found that this family that was very poor before was now living in abundance. They had a great harvest of vegetables, chickens, horses, pigs, ....
The disciple could not believe what I was seeing. And he asked the owner how they managed to have all that he was seeing.
Then the good man told him that after death of the cow, they had to manage to survive. And because of this, they discovered that they were very good at doing other things apart from keeping a cow.

Then the disciple knew his teacher. "You did this do to help them. Thank you wise teacher."

Sometimes when bad things happen, we do not realize that they have a purpose for our own good. All the limitations we have are a bridge to achieve a greater good. To develop our potential. To achieve goals. To learn. To be better. To grow ....
A big change in your favor, can only reached after crossing the hardness of falling .

Only in the vicissitudes of life, we excel. It is called Resilience.

If your cow dies, don’t fall. You will find new ways to sustain and move on with more strength and security to your fulfillment.

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