martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

I am kind of freaking out.

Yesterday I went to cut my hair with my usual stylist Melissa. I've been going there since 2009 so you could say we've known each other for a while, she knows some of my secrets, I know some of hers. You know, the usual hair stylist routine whre you spill your guts haha
So ever since I've known her, she's been a little over weight, but as the years have passed, she has gained some weight.
When I met her I had just lost 20 something pounds. Which I gained back last year plus a little more. Anyways, weight is almost always a subject, mostly comming from her.
This time it was different though, this time she decided we should make a bet. I am always scared of any type of bets. I am not sure if I lose because I almost never participate haha. She started pointing out how we have been trying to lose weight for quite a while now and neither one of us was seeing progress. I of course was scared of participating haha..but by the end I said, so what if I do win?
The bet is for $150 dlls. By the end I was more conviced than she was....and then today came.
I ate the usual, except I ordered a smaller salad. The hard part for me is the afternoon. I started getting a lot of anxiety and after eating cereal and an avocado (a very small one) I started freaking out. I went for my usual walk for an hour and by tge time I was done I felt like I hadn't done any excercise at all. I did some push ups by my car and came home. I am still frealing out. What did I get myself into??!! least it's helping me push forward. Wish me luck! Any tips?
On other totally different subjects. I have two dogs and two cats. They're all females. Boni is my poodle, Chita is my hairy chihuahua and the two cats I have no idea what kind of cats they are, but their names are Teresa and Gachu.
Chita is the baby of the house, and of course she thinks she's the queen. She is really funny though. They have this ball that makes a squaky sound and she and Boni love it. So today she was bringing me the ball so I could throw it. Teresa was laying on my bed and she decided to start bringing the ball to Teresa..the cat, so she could throw it. I thought it was soo funny how she brought it and stayed there looking at her waitng for her to throw it hahaha aah that dog. She is too cute.

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